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The Atelier Candle by Bellocq Tea

  • $114.00

A Wellyhaus essential…out of production for a few years, the Atelier Candles have returned, and we are so excited!

Inspired by Bellocq’s fragrant, signature tea blends, their collection of hand-poured, scented candles are created from a unique blend of vegetable wax, the finest fragrances and essential oils & a wick of woven (lead-free) cotton.  The signature vessels, of our design, are heavy gauge solid brass with a solid brass lid, expertly crafted by Bellocq metal-smiths and will acquire a delicate patina over time.  Presented in our lovely peacock blue box. Approximate burn time: 100 hours.

No. 12 Le Hammeau…a dreamy, citrus-inspired tableau of East Indian lemongrass, delicate wildflower meadows, an ancient l'orangerie in bloom and 18th century heirloom roses.

No. 38 Marjorelle exquisite and verdant dream of wild mint, green tea, and Moroccan cedar wood.

No. 47 The Queen’s Guard…a lush, floral tableau of English heirloom roses, Ceylon tea, ancient moss-covered fieldstone walls and morning dew, French lavender, and an herbaceous and peppery suggestion of rose geranium.

No. 54 Caravanserai…an ode to the wanderer and dreamer in a rich tableau of worn saddle leather, distant campfires, woven burlap satchels of black tea and peppercorn, soulful melodies full of longing, and the resinous scents from arid lands.