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Flower Shop

If Wellyhaus had an official tagline, it would be “Authentic Living in Bloom.” A home filled with flowers is a simple pleasure, a reminder to appreciate the small things. Wellyhaus would love to be your local resource for this little luxury. Grab a ready-made hand-tied bouquet or pick up market-style cut flowers to DIY at home. 

Please note that Wellyhaus is not a full service florist. We do not do custom arrangements or event floral. We offer an in-store flower market experience. 

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  1. The Hand-Tied Bouquet
  2. Florist Sticky Clay
  3. Green Floral Chicken Wire
  4. Round Hairpin Flower Holder
  5. Porcelain Goulot Vase
  6. Porcelain Sage Vase
  7. The Welly Compote
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  8. Porcelain Linen Vases