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Porcelain Linen Trays

  • $95.00

Made outside of Bordeaux, France, by Epure Ceramique..

The linen look porcelain trays have a matte glaze on the inside and porcelain bisque on the outside. Visible linen weft.


XL TRAY: Width: 12.20 inches. Length: 8.26 inches. Height: 1.96 inches.

L TRAY: Width: 7.4 inches. Length: 5.90 inches. Height: 2.55 inches.

M SQUARE CUP: Width: 4.52 inches. Length: 4.52 inches. Height: 2.36 inches.

S RECTANGULAR CUP: Width: 4.72 inches. Length: 3.14 inches. Height: 2.36 inches.