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Domino Paper No.6A “Fleurons”

  • $78.00

This pattern is from an original domino paper found in a devotional box from the mid 18th century.

Every luxurious sheet of domino paper is printed with engraved plates and enhanced with stenciled colors on 100% rag paper in the Parisian workshop of A Paris Chez Antoinette Poisson: irregularities may appear, proof of their authenticity. 

Like in the 18th century, domino paper can be used to cover a book or the interior of a piece of furniture. Today the framed sheet of domino paper will add a delicate and poetic touch to your wall.

+ Number of colors: 1 blue printed color and 1 hand painted color 

+ Material: printed on laid paper on a pure handmade rag
+ Format: sheet: 18.1” x 14.2” // pattern: 16.1” x 12.6”